Patient Testimonials

"Helped me with my leaky gut and food sensitivities when no other doctor could figure out what the cause of my problem was. I had trouble putting sentences together due to brain fog, and breathing due to sinus inflammation, and constantly runny nose. Clear headed today, thanks to her though. Funny thing Is most doctors don't believe in food sensitivities."

-- Jacob S. , Washington

"Dr. Swida is very thorough and listens carefully. I was looking for an experienced physician with a more holistic approach, who would keep me healthy now that I'm in my 40's! She discovered things that no other doctors have ever inquired about, and I feel well-informed and very well cared for. I really appreciate her approach and personal interest!"

-- Mary, Tujunga, CA

"I came to Dr. Swida a year ago discouraged, desperate and exhausted. I had spent the past few years trying to find the cause of symptoms that were robbing me of the joy and quality of life that I once had. Dr. Swida listened to my story and seemed as determined as I was to find the answer. Once the problem was diagnosed & addressed, I was on the road to recovery. Today I can truly say I have my life back. I am so grateful for all she has done for me and would highly recommend her to others."

-- Susan, El Monte, CA

"It is really hard to find a doctor who really cares for you. I mean you can see the concern on her face when you mention an ailment. She always listens to you, never interrupts. I have always felt welcomed by her. I also like her way of handling health issues. Besides the fact that she always knows what the issue is, she knows how to best resolve it, and not always with medication. I also like that proper diet is the cornerstone of her practice, and she explains everything to you. Amazing!"

-- Artur, Glendale, CA